TEJAS Day Trip

Thursday, April 15 may have been a depressing day for some people because it’s that dreaded day for income tax—but the day couldn’t have been better at STBSP—the weather was perfect, birds were singing, and the TEJAS  group visited the park for a day trip. These senior citizens are young at heart and more active than some five year olds that I have hiked with. Their love for life in general, and nature specifically, as well as their wit kept this Interpretive Ranger on her toes all day.

The day began with yours truly doing a presentation concerning the history, the facilities and accommodations of the park, and the sharing of little stories about some of our visitors that are dear to my heart. Now I can add some of the events of the day to my list of stories that will be shared with other visitors.

Peggy Hatfield and Jackie Rausch, leaders of the group, gave presentations on GEOcachinig and Letterboxing, then had the group to actually “hunt” for a treasure on the park. This is great fun for adults and grandchildren.

After a sack lunch the group hiked the Bald Eagle Hike with me, and I don’t remember when I’ve had a more attentive group. My favorite part of the hike is getting to talk about the Bald Eagle, and these guys were just as interested as I am in that subject. While some (like Carl) had some interesting, witty things to add to the discussion, the comments added to our learning experience.  At the top of the hill where we have a bench for hikers (like me) to sit and catch our breath, we had nature sharing time, where some shared their up close and personal experiences with nature. Snakes seemed to be the main topic for this sharing of tall tales.

Once the hike was completed, we gathered back at the beginning to say our good byes where I tried to express to them how much I had enjoyed the day. It’s always refreshing, interesting, and completely awesome to have such a group as this to visit our park. This was truly a memorable day in spite of it being Tax Day.

Nancy Miller
Interpretive Ranger


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