Times are sew good :)

This was submitted to me by Interpretive Ranger Nancy Miller. Soon she will have her own section here, and she’s always good for an interesting tale, so keep checking back! SJ    

     One of the best benefits of working at South Toledo Bend State Park is the opportunity to learn from some of the most interesting people in the world.

     A good example of that is The Pine Needle Quilters from Texas who held their third annual quilting retreat in early March.

     These young ladies always have the best time and are gracious and patient enough to include me in some of the fun.

      While I take them on excursions out on the park to encourage their enjoyment of nature – and to work out the “kinks” from sitting long hours at a sewing machine; they invite me to learn more about quilting. Many years ago I was rather proficient at using a sewing machine, but after so much time has passed, I would call myself “rusty”, at best.

     The patience of these wonderful ladies as they share their talents with me can be compared only to the Biblical figure Job.

     It’s also a great deal of fun for me – and I think for the ladies as well – to watch the campers who come to visit the ladies and “ooh” and “ah” over their creations.

     Needless to say, all year long I look forward to this annual time with these wonderful girls.

Interpretive Ranger Nancy Miller polishing up her sewing skills.



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