Sidney Jacobs

     A few months ago, one of my fellow Rangers told me something eye-opening. You see, he’d seen my blog before he met me. Then we got to know each other a bit and he said that on the blog, I seemed full of myself. He only said this to highlight the difference that he found in the way that I seemed on the blog and the way I turned out to be in real life. I say it was eye opening because while I had wondered about the way I sounded to others, I wanted to give an honest appraisal of myself on the blog. Looking at it now, I can see that anyone who gives too candid an appraisal of themselves turns out sounding conceited or boastful.

     In real life I tend to, if anything, understate details about myself. Oh, I admit that I will take almost any opportunity to tell a story from my time in law enforcement…but that’s just because they’re entertaining stories. As far as my contribution to the stories…well, to be honest, any contribution I made could have just as easily been made by any of my co-workers.

     So without further ado (thank goodness), I present to you my slightly edited “About Me” section. And for the person who opened my eyes to this, if you’re reading this: thanks. 🙂

     I am a Law Enforcement Ranger here at the park. I came to the park with a decade of “front line” law enforcement experience under my belt. 

     Even though I like to think that I was a good cop, I grew tired of that and wanted a change of pace. You see, my main reason for getting into law enforcement originally was to help people; I’m hooked on helping people. I’m well satifsfied here in the park, since it seems that I get to do a great deal more helping here in the park than I did in “normal” law enforcement.

     Adding to my enjoyment of being a Ranger here at the park, I am a Field Training Officer. That is, when new Rangers join us, part of the required training for them is to be sent to me (or someone like me, there are a few other FTO’s in State Parks). So – for good or for ill, I get to shape minds in regards to Law Enforcement in a Parks setting. 🙂

     Stay tuned and I’ll update this with more about myself, if anyone cares to know. 😉

An image of yours truly taken the night of the Christmas Hayride here on the park. I was watching a church choir sing.


3 Responses to Sidney Jacobs

  1. Mark Lachney says:


    I came across a post of yours on sailnet. I’ve been sailing on Toledo Bend once and it was wonderful. We’re planning on going back, and I need a little information, if you please. How much and how quickly does the water level change? How “stumpy” is the area near the dam? Are there navigation charts available? How safe is my vehicle in the boat launch parking lot overnight? Any help is appreciated. By the way, what are you sailing? Mine is a Macgregor 26.

    Thanks, Mark Lachney

    • Sidney says:

      Hello there,

      sorry for the delayed response; have been out of town for the last week.

      I’m really thrilled to hear that you want to come sailing on Toledo Bend again – need any crew? 😉

      The water level changes very slowly in regards to sailing. Not like tidal action, that is. Without rain, the lake drops roughly half an inch per day. Because of the prevailing wind/weather patterns here, the east (Louisiana) side of the lake is typically a lee shore; close to shore on the east side, depths can change pretty rapidly. But with normal prudence (and a depth finder helps close in, hehe) you’ll be fine.

      The area near the dam (known on charts as “Toledo Bay”) is almost completely stump free. I say almost because there are a very few hazards, but they are well marked. (I’m going to try to put up a link so I can describe where I’m talking about in the context of this reply. Below I’ll give the information about where to get a chart, and then you can see more clearly what I’m talking about.),+Vernon,+Louisiana&ll=31.194889,-93.58223&spn=0.070484,0.110035&z=13

      Okay – just tested that link. You may have to copy/paste it into your browser, but it should work for you. On there, you’ll see our park on the east side of the map. Direct your attention to the two islands in the lake just west of our park. Those are called (again, on the chart) the “Louisiana Islands”. Pretty much everything south of there is deep, clean, stump free water. That is the area referred to as Toledo Bay. As you can see, it’s not huge in sailing terms – a shade over three miles north-to-south and two miles east-to-west. Again, not huge, but usually good sailing.

      Everything north of there…sigh…is a different matter. I honestly don’t know how good the sailing would be north of Toledo Bay. There are some scattered areas with no stumps, but mostly one is restricted to boat lanes. They’re wide and clearly marked…and our usual winds come from the west or the southwest, so you could make way on a reach (broad or close depending on whether you’re heading north or south, of course)…just not sure how much fun it would be.

      To get a chart of Toledo Bend, go to

      If you’re going to be staying in or sailing out of our park, you want the “Toledo Bend South” chart, of course. 🙂

      I honestly can’t speak for the quality of the chart, because I mainly concern myself with Toledo Bay and known waters near there. We have one up on the wall here in the office, and for whatever this is worth, it appears to be pretty good.

      Safety in the boat launch parking lot is, generally speaking, not a concern. We had a fishing rod stolen out of the back of a parked truck, about four years ago. That’s all. Personally speaking, I take safety there for granted. After 9:00 PM on weeknights and 10:00 PM on weekends, access to the park is restricted to park guests. The whole park (including the boat launch, of course) is frequently and heavily patrolled by Rangers. There is also the added presence of Game Wardens and Sheriff’s Deputies who frequently patrol in the park.

      Alas, I don’t even have a sailboat at the moment. What type of 26 are you sailing? Because of the nature of my lake (and numerous other factors) I’ve been seriously looking at a 26M.

      Thanks for your interest, and I hope to meet up with you when you come sailing here. 🙂

      Sidney Jacobs

  2. reefmermaid says:

    We have a little Rumba sailboat for fun, and many years ago sold our old Capri sailboat which stayed in Wisconsin. Would love to sail with some people on the lake if anyone is ever looking for help. Email – we have a place near Arnold Bay. Kimberly

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