A Room with a View

I was told once that I hadn’t “really, truly lived” until I’d seen a sunset from the deck of our Visitor’s Center. While I’m not sure I’d go as far as to say that, I will readily agree that a sunset from the deck of our Visitor’s Center is something worth going out of your way to see.

 Our Visitor’s Center has been described by more than one guest as an “outdoor cathedral.” Certainly its architecture lends itself to that description; it has a large open breezeway through the middle of a grand structure with ribbed vaults on the ceiling that are in fact quite reminiscent of a classic Gothic cathedral. It tends to draw the eye towards Heaven, as the architects of the old churches intended.

 Top all that off with the fact that it looks over a beautiful westward facing bluff and down onto the lake, and the combined effect is…well, even though this word has been used until it has lost all meaning, the effect is awesome. That is, awe inspiring.

 It was with this thought in my head that I set out to get a photograph of a sunset at the Visitor’s Center to share with my faithful blog readers (yes, both of you).

 The thing I did not take into account was that this architecture combined with the blazing intensity of a sunset over the lake makes it very difficult to get a good photograph of said sunset without professional photographic equipment. With my “point and shoot” digital camera I am afraid I have failed you miserably, constant reader. But maybe what I was able to do will at least get me an “A” for effort. And if my failure as a photographer is just the tease that makes you come see for yourself, then I’ll count it as a success as an ambassador for State Parks.

 To make a long story short (I know, too late), I ended up with two pictures to submit for your approval. One is a shot through the Visitor’s Center breezeway of the sunset. One is taken from the western edge of the deck, where lighting conditions are a lot easier for a camera lense to deal with.

Without further ado, enjoy.

Looking west into the sunset through the breezeway at the Visitor’s Center in South Toledo Bend State Park.


 A sunset from the western edge of the deck at the Visitor’s Center, South Toledo Bend State Park.



3 Responses to A Room with a View

  1. connie mcdonald says:

    Yes we just hiked the trails and marveled over the views, trees, fallen leaves–architecture! Do u know who designed the vacation cabins? or how I might find out?

  2. connie mcdonald says:

    Thank you!

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