L’Heure Bleue

Every evening just at sundown, I take the ATV and patrol the hiking trails. I do this in case someone has gone hiking and gotten lost or twisted an ankle or something like that. Just making sure that no one needs help on what can be some pretty infrequently traveled terrain.

The point of this, if I can ever be said to have one real point, is that yesterday evening I was patrolling the Eagle’s Nest trail and I came across a beautiful view just after sunset. It was right at what artists and photographers call l’heure bleue, or the Blue Hour, which is after the sun has completely set, but before it’s fully dark.

Now, pretty views are not an unusual thing for me here in the park, so for this one to stop me for a moment in the middle of my appointed rounds…all I can say is that it was spectacular.

The view filled me with such sudden stillness that it felt like it would be utterly wrong not to stop my ATV, kill the engine, and enjoy the view. So that’s just what I did. I didn’t have my camera with me; I’m not sure I would have had the presence of mind to use it even if I’d had it with me.

The stillness and the solitude were truly impossible to describe…but it’s my nature to try and describe it, so here I go.

Sitting there, hearing nothing but the breeze in my ears and the lapping of the wind driven surf on the shore, staring into that deepening horizon, it was impossible for me not to think about and really feel the fact that we live our lives on this planet hardly ever giving thought to the fact that we live under the blanket of protection that Earth provides us; a thin atmosphere that separates our every day awareness from the fact that we are hurtling headlong through the blackness, and the never, of cold deep space.


One Response to L’Heure Bleue

  1. JM says:

    I have made beautiful pictures of the sunset at South Toledo! Wonderful time of day!

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