New Friends :)

An interesting thing happened to me today. I was making my rounds through the campground and I saw a rented RV. That is to say an obviously rented RV, emblazoned with decals from a major RV rental company.

 In the past I have had dealings with people in rented RV’s who didn’t have much experience with camping and needed help with various things. Any Rangers who may be reading this, make a note of that. At any rate, I stopped in to check on these campers, to see if I could be of assistance.

 As it turned out, these guests were quite experienced campers. In the bargain, they were from Australia and they were a delightful couple to chat with. We talked for a good while, but alas I had to decline their invitation to dinner because I had to go do Ranger things.

 If you do end up reading this Brian and Yvonne, it was a real pleasure having met you and I hoped you enjoyed your stay with us.  🙂

Brian and Yvonne Englund, from Victoria, Australia.



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